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Initiated during your 1st conversation regarding your job requirements and continues through final inspection and delivery

CMP ensures the utmost quality by utilizing a process-orientated philosophy. CMP uses the latest technology to measure surface coating (Eectrophsik's SIDSP Technology) and analyzing the data with the strongest SPC software available (MiniTab & Devize). CMP is dedicated to continual improvement of the Quality Management System to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Please send any quality questions or concerns to Jon Cordell. CMP is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

CMP is dedicated to continually monitoring its environmental aspects and strives to reduce any possible impacts through waste minimization. CMP also constantly reviews regulatory requirements at the international, national/federal, state, regional and local levels of government. This includes legislation that covers the protection of air, water, land and natural resources. To our best knowledge we are compliant to REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Mineral Standards.

CMP Anodizing warrants that processing and finishing shall meet customer's specifications and material type that are supplied in writing with the order and that such processing at finishing shall be free from defect in material or workmanship. If the customer specifies methods and procedures to be followed, CMP will assume responsibility from the correctness of such methods and procedures or the result when they are followed. In the absence of full disclosure by the customer of the material type and use of material or parts to be processed and finished, CMP assumes no liability for the subsequent failures or defect. CMP Anodizing can certify that deliverable services and material conform to the customer's applicable purchase order requirements.

The RoHs directive stands for the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. CMP Anodizing certifies that we are RoHS compliant. Click here for more information about RoHS.

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